Playing With Fire

Francis Mallmann is an Argentine known as much for his bohemian, nomadic lifestyle as he is for his talent for cooking with fire and smoke. He is a fascinating and charismatic individual who recites poetry and has dedicated his life to preparing beautiful food using the most alluring of the four elements – fire.

After leaving home at a tender age, opening his first restaurant at 18 and eventually finding his way to the kitchens of Paris, Mallmann found his true calling once he began applying his skills to the traditional Argentine grilling and smoky techniques of his childhood. He now owns seven restaurants scattered across the South American continent and beyond; from the big lights of Buenos Aires to Uruguay’s hippie chic fishing village of Jose Ignacio and tumbleweed hamlet of Garzon.

His international reach extends with the opening of Los Fuegos at Miami Beach’s Faena Hotel, Villa La Coste in the south of France, and there are rumours of his first UK venue launching this Autumn in London’s Mayfair.