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Our process

How we guide brands to a more human-centered approach.

We traverse a phased process through the branding wilds. This approach pledges forward momentum, continuous ideation, collaboration, feedback and iteration.





We pledge good design and steady
growth for all.







In order to be successful, we must get to know your audience. Through hands-on market research, we can apply design proactively. This is our discovery phase where we audit your marketplace, ask all the questions, determine your voice, tone and message, define your brand's purpose and finally outline your strategy. Campfire pledges to listen and apply strategy proactively from a human-centric perpective.

• industry research • naming • voice and tone discovery • branding consultation sessions • strategy consultation • strategy ideation • brand identity creation etc...


Investing in developing a professional brand image is just as important as your office space, your hosting provider, or anywhere else you invest to successfully operate your business.

…But what constitutes a professional brand image, and how do you go about setting it up? A brand must introduce itself and start on the right foot. Campfire pledges to strategically establish your brand across all platforms, digital, traditional, social, and otherwise to effectively launch your brand to the public.

• social media account setup • website design and development • launch campaigns • email marketing • in-person marketing strategies etc...


This step is where we apply all research and ideation to work. Our team will work behind the scenes to create a custom strategy manual, brand identity and culture that mirrors your brand's unique story. We will present and guide you with our expert brand and strategy suggestions through this step, on to the next.

• custom brand strategy • launch planning • values and mission definition • culture definitions • brand identity manual and style guides etc...


The single most important aspect of successfully marketing a business is maintaining an impactful brand image. How your business interacts with the changing market is just as important as the products or services you offer. Campfire pledges to keep your audience engaged by implementing ongoing strategy and putting our services to work for you.

• strategy as a service • brand management as a service • graphic design • naming & product design • PPC • digital design • social management • digital marketing • copywriting • printing • presentation and expo design etc...

custom packages

We also offer custom services! Please feel free to contact us with any design, strategy, website, digital, copywriting or creative project you need help with. We offer specialized pricing and outlines.


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