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Recharge Your Organizational Culture for "The New Normal"

We’re settling into a new normal. Some organizations are still plugged in and working, but one thing is becoming apparent. This connected yet separated digital space is different. And so, it’s important to adapt and do the best we can together.

At Campfire Branding, our top focus is helping companies grow their brand. You can think of a brand in two ways. First, think about looking out of a window and putting up advertisements. That’s the external brand. But a huge part of that brand is how a company works together. Now, turn away from the window and look back inside the office. The way people are collaborating together, that’s the internal brand.

How do you optimize your internal brand and employee communication for a digital world? We’ve been working together remotely since 2013 and have created a few principles for getting things done while keeping things positive, fun and productive.

1. Schedule deep work chunks

People need to be able to focus, not check their email constantly. Have scheduled time where teammates are not on email so they can be working on what matters.

2. Co-create the expectations

Create a collaborative document that outlines your communication expectations. That way people know how frequently to check email, what hours are off for communication, and how to best talk to others. This document should be 1 page max.

3. Design around principles

It’s less about rules, more about flexibility. If you have principles in mind, good things happen. Here’s one of our favorites: Assume Positive Intent (API). If someone reaches out and forgets the attachment, just send a friendly reminder. In a digital environment, it’s good to be more patient, not less.

4. Don’t forget to have fun

It’s OK to do a goofy hello, or a cool hat contest, and a team lunch.  At the start of stand-up meetings or Zoom conferences, before the list of talking points, come up with a creative way to get people involved with a quick round-table question. Make it fun.

5. Less meetings

Some of the most innovative CEOs of our time say "Very little to no meetings during the week, please." This means team leaders decide what is most important to meet over and what can simply be accomplished over an email. Time prioritizing is our friend!

6. Decide when it’s time to close communication

If you don’t tell people it’s OK to sign off, they might be worried they should always be connected. That sucks. Allowing more separation between on and off work time allows for your employees to bring their A-game during the next 8 or so hour shift. This also helps train clients to not treat every small need as a 5-alarm emergency and wait until last minute, it's all about organizational culture inside and out.

We'll be hosting an educational workshop on how you can test and recharge your company's organizational culture. Our strategist and creative director will talk about the top 5 ways to improve and adapt for this digital shift, join us! - Stay tuned, information coming soon.

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