Recharge Your Organizational Culture for "The New Normal"

We’re settling into a new normal. Some organizations are still plugged in and working, but one thing is becoming apparent. This connected yet separated digital space is different. And so, it’s important to adapt and do the best we can together.

At Campfire Branding, our top focus is helping companies grow their brand. You can think of a brand in two ways. First, think about looking out of a window and putting up advertisements. That’s the external brand. But a huge part of that brand is how a company works together. Now, turn away from the window and look back inside the office. The way people are collaborating together, that’s the internal brand.

How do you optimize your internal brand and employee communication for a digital world? We’ve been working together remotely since 2013 and have created a few principles for getting things done while keeping things positive, fun and productive.