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we're known as the human-centered branding agency.

We know that you want to be seen, to be heard and to be wild.

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Starting a Bonfire

We pledge good design and steady
growth for all.

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Campfire uses strategy and research to mold your brand according to your audience, but the most important task in identity is considering how humans can benefit from your brand.

Campfire knows brands are living, breathing beings with multi-faceted personalities. We're often described as therapists to you and your brand, identifying the essence and helping you communicate that to your audience.


Our process exists to increase awareness, and provide custom, measurable results.


We pledge great design and steady
growth for all.



In order to be successful, we must get to know your audience. Through hands-on market research, we can apply design proactively. This is our discovery phase where we audit your marketplace, ask all the questions, determine your voice, tone and message, define your brand's purpose and finally outline your strategy. Campfire pledges to listen and apply strategy proactively from a human-centric perpective.

• industry research • naming • voice and tone discovery • branding consultation sessions • strategy consultation • strategy ideation • brand identity creation etc...


This step is where we put all our research, consult and ideation to work. Our team will work behind the scenes to create a custom strategy manual, brand identity and culture that mirrors your brand's unique story. We will present and guide you with our expert brand and strategy suggestions through this step to the next.

• custom brand strategy • launch planning • values and mission definition • culture definitions • brand identity manual and style guides etc...


Investing in developing a professional brand image is just as important as your office space, your hosting provider, or anywhere else you invest to successfully operate your business.

…But what constitutes a professional brand image, and how do you go about setting it up? A brand must introduce itself and start on the right foot. Campfire pledges to strategically establish your brand across all platforms, digital, traditional, social, and otherwise to effectively launch your brand to the public.

• social media account setup • website design and development • launch campaigns • email marketing • in-person marketing strategies etc...


The single most important aspect of successfully marketing a business is maintaining an impactful brand image. How your business interacts with the changing market is just as important as the products or services you offer. Campfire pledges to keep your audience engaged by implementing ongoing strategy and putting our services to work for you.

• strategy as a service • brand management as a service • graphic design • naming & product design • PPC • digital design • social management • digital marketing • copywriting • printing • presentation and expo design etc...

meet the team


Jenna Shoop

Creative Director

Jenna navigates her journey as a creative and entrepreneur with endless curiosity for what could be. As an artistic chameleon, Jenna enjoys the perks of a variable visual style. While many designers confine themselves to one loosely defined look, Jenna embraces the many possibilities available for each unique brand. Campfire’s design portfolio illustrates variety and the ability to remain adaptable, thanks to Jenna’s willingness to stay curious. Jenna is a leader, woman entrepreneur, and dreamer. She believes the glass is half full, and we wouldn’t have her any other way.

Unlikely Design Tool: Wallpaper and rug scraps

Movie Set She’d Most Like to Live In: Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom

Past Life Gig: Sorceress/philosopher during the Hellenistic era, probably.

Shaun Loria Headshot_edited.jpg



Shaun is an educator, author, nonprofit founder and entrepreneur who focuses on strategy. His process focuses on positive impact and analytics. With a masters in education and a bi-lingual background, he enjoys working with diverse audiences.


When he's not around the Campfire, you can find him reading, writing or jogging sans-headphones.


deanna denis


Deanna is an innovative, creative copywriter/designer with a background in fine art and art education. She and her husband are currently living in Thailand on the beach and take long sunset walks when they need to brainstorm ideas. They both identify with the philosophy that one should always live first, work second. Deanna finds creative ways to turn work into play so she can continue to live her best life.


Deanna has experience with a vast array of media and disciplines. She is a multi-faceted creative inspired by various styles of writing. and Mailchimp are her two favorite brand voices currently because of their use of humor and relatability. Her well-rounded background helps her to live in both an analytical and creative space when crafting copy which makes her an absolute asset to the Campfire team.


Deanna's skills aside from copywriting include web/UX design, print design and branding design, with a focus on digital marketing. This includes Google Adwords management, Google analytics management, SEO & SEM, as well as some traditional marketing efforts. Deanna is also a former owner of an art school, & well versed in the business end of the creative industry.

Patrick Bennett

Lead Development Engineer

With over 10 years of experience as a software engineer and web developer, Patrick takes his job as a Computer-Human translator pretty seriously. He offers the perfect blend of pragmatic attention to detail and creative thinking, and in his non-Campfire time, he hones both by creating songs and visual art. Our development game is strong because Patrick harnesses his talent and pushes the innovative envelope. 

Song that makes him happy every time: The Sesame Street theme song

Finicky food fact: He can’t stand liver.

Parallel universe career: Intergalactic President. You can’t say he lacks ambition.

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