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Shade Street Final Logo
Shade Street option1
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Shade Street Option2
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Shade Street Option4
Shade Street Option5


Shade Street came to Campfire needing a versatile brand for their street food restaurant in Roswell, Ga. We had an interesting challenge ahead of us to represent their colorful, multicultural street food inspired by gastropub style around the world. Gritty, colorful and bold defines their personality, upscale alleyway defines their tone.


Shade Street's branding was challenging to develop. Defining a style that speaks an international language while appealing to a local demographic can be akin to speaking gibberish, but not to us. We used the blueprints for their location, the spirit of their food, the personality of the location, and the style of their target customer to develop. Shade Street Food is a world tour all of its own and we strongly recommend you take the ride.


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