Is your business not profiting? It could be your brand!

Statistics in 2019 show that it takes 5-7 impressions for people to actually remember a brand.

Let’s not harp on the old adage “first impressions count”, but they do, right?

According to statistics provided by the annual State of Branding Report (see quoted sources below this article),  “70% of brand managers felt that building an audience was more valuable to a company’s brand than direct sales. 89% of B2B marketers said, "brand awareness was their most important goal, followed by sales and leads generation.”

As we can see, there's a huge difference between creating an organization that sells a product or service and creating a brand that lasts forever.

According to Zimmerman Radio and Marketing Group, consistently presenting a brand increases revenue by 23%. They cite: By presenting your brand consistently, over time, consumers will internalize your brand values and be more likely to purchase.”

This heralds good news for business owners who continuously stick to their brand values without giving up!