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A&M Candle Merchants

Chandlery Back to its Roots

A&M came to Campfire with a beautiful story of a partnership between two people in love, creating amazing scents to inspire love in other's homes. I had the pleasure of branding their look, purpose, and packaging. Inspired by the hand crafted upscale direction, we created all of the herb and plant textures that would be seen throughout by hand.


We created ink impressions of the ingredients in each scent with textured paper, print making ink, and a roller. The white labels were printed on a thick textured cotton paper, and the dark scents on a silk laminated label with copper foiling.


The idea driving the look was the word "Impression". The Impression of the ink, herbs, love, and spirit of each hand crafted scent is lasting and positive for each person that comes in contact with the brand.

A&M Dark Scents Moodboard
A&M Candle Merchants Logo
A&M White Scents Moodboard
Neroli Ginger Candle Label
Gardenia and Linen Candle Label
Vetiver and Sage Candle Label
Cashmere and Teakwood Candle Label
Peach and Mahogany Candle Label
Amber and Cardamom Candle Label
Pumpkin and Toasted Marshmallow
Chai Tea Candle Label
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